Poker Tournament Glossary


In a poker tournament and running low on chips? This limited time opportunity, after the re-buy has ended, lets you buy more chips and stay in the game! Games featuring add-ons, total amount available, plus time restrictions are available in the tournament lobby.


The chips you pay in for a seat at the tournament table. The amount raised from buy-in becomes the prize pool awarded to winners at the end of play. Buy-ins and deadlines to unregister per tournament can be found in the tournament lobby.


The amount paid per player to take part in a tournament, different from a buy-in, paid to the site hosting play.


The point in a tournament’s later stages when just a few tables remain and each position stands to win part of the prize pool. Each table then plays each hand simultaneously until a player is eliminated. This may mean that some tables may have to wait until all other tables in the tournament have completed the current hand before starting the next hand. If two or more players are eliminated from different tables during hand-for-hand play, their elimination is considered to have happened in the same hand, regardless if one hand finished before the other. Chip stacks will be compared to determine the finishing order. Hand-for-hand play may happen more than once in a tournament.

Heads Up

This showdown between just two players is a great for improving your Poker game! Standard game rules apply, although the player with the dealer button posts the small blind, acts first pre-flop and last for the rest of the hand. Heads Up Shoot Out tournaments are perfect skill-builders, with most games bringing players face to face with just one opponent to win the prize. In these games, the player who posts the big blind is dealt first.

In the Money

Play your hand right and qualify for at least the minimum prize, and you’re “In the money”!


Built from all money paid as Buy-Ins at the start of a tournament, prize pools and winners to be paid are determined by the number of players in the tournament. The more players in a tournament, the bigger the prize pool! A breakdown of player numbers, prize pools, and prize distribution is available in the tournament lobby.


Stay in the game longer with this second buy-in during play! Available only in Re-buy Tournaments , the number of re-buy chances, amounts, and rules are available in the tournament lobby.


Seen in Shoot-Out tournaments, rounds are much like individual Freeze-Out tournaments. Each has its own level structure, with winners from each table per round advancing in tournament play.


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