What is a Bounty Tournament in poker?

These tournaments turn the tables on Poker as usual by putting a bounty – a percentage of the prize pool – on the heads of other players. Now it pays to eliminate the competition!

How it works:

A tournament with a $2 buy-in will put $1 into the prize pool and $1 to the bounty pool. Each player at the table now has a $1 bounty on their head. Eliminating two players from the table will earn back your buy-in, with the total prize pool still up for grabs!

How you’re paid:

Payout structures remain the same as in typical Poker tournaments, with customizable bounties anywhere from 10% to 100% of the prize pool offering players more ways to profit at the table.

Check the Poker Room’s tournament listings for prize pool structures and upcoming Bounty Tournaments!

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