What is a Fantasy Matchup?

In a Fantasy Matchup two teams compete in an imaginary match only. The winner of this matchup is the team that records the most points (or goals) against their actual opponent and in some cases, where indicated, after a point spread is included. If both teams score the same number of points (or goals), after any applicable point spread is included, then the bet will be considered a push and all bets refunded, unless there is a 'draw' option to choose from. If either of the fantasy matchup teams has their actual games abandoned early, as per the rules of their respective sport or they are not played on their scheduled date, then the fantasy matchup will be void.

Fantasy Matchup example:

  • Scheduled games are Chicago at Boston and Miami at Dallas; Fantasy Matchup is Chicago vs Miami.
  • Whichever team scores the most points wins, so if Chicago wins 100-90 against Boston and Miami loses 110-115 against Dallas, Miami would win the Fantasy Matchup because they scored more points (110 to Chicago's 100). The fact that Chicago won their game and Miami lost is irrelevant - it is the respective scores of both teams that count.
  • In the case of a Fantasy point spread, only the fantasy spread applies (the spreads in the actual games are irrelevant). So in the case of the Chicago vs Miami example, if the spread was Miami -12.5, bets on Chicago would win because the 'result' was Chicago 100 Miami 110.
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