When are results considered official?

Unless otherwise specified, if an event does not play to its conclusion, results are considered official after the completion of:

  • Football: 55 minutes of play
  • Over/under bets: Full-time (including overtime)
  • Basketball: 43 minutes of play for Pro and 35 minutes of play for College
  • Over/under bets: Full-time (including overtime)
  • Baseball Moneyline: Losing team's 5th inning
  • Runline/total run bets: 9 innings
  • Winning Margin Betting: On winning margin bets, the game must go to Full-time in all sports. In MLB this is 9 innings. Overtime and extra innings count in the settlement of winning margin bets.
  • Boxing: When the bell is sounded signifying the start of the opening round.
  • Other Sports: Unless otherwise specified in the individual sports' rules, sports that involve a scheduled length of play or time limit must play to their conclusion or have five minutes or less of the scheduled playing time remaining when the contest concludes to be considered official for betting purposes.
  • Betting on Halves: On half-time bets (First Half & Second Half events), the entire half must be played for action to count. Results on half-time bets are based on scores from the given half only. Overtime periods are included as part of the second half for baseball, Football and basketball only.
  • Quarter Betting: The entire quarter must be played for bets on the relevant quarter to have 'action'. Overtime does not count for fourth quarter betting.

Winnings are automatically credited to members' accounts, normally within one hour of an event's conclusion.

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