Poker House Rules

Buying Chips

A facility to purchase chips will be offered automatically when a seat is selected at any table.

The minimum or maximum buy in for any cash game will be shown when purchasing your chips.

Buy-in amounts are based on the size of the game or the blinds for that table.

Chips purchased, while seated at a table, will be subject to any limits for the table, and any top ups will have to bring your balance up to at least the minimum amount, but will not be allowed to take your balance over the maximum should there be one.

At the completion of any hand should your table balance be less than the big blind you will need to purchase more chips to continue playing.

Dumping/Passing Chips

Deliberately losing chips to other players for whatever reason will not be tolerated and will be picked up by our collusion monitoring team and dealt with accordingly.

Betting and Raising (including the "under raise")

In limit play, an all-in bet of less than half the bet for that round, is considered an "under raise" and will be treated as a call for betting purposes. It does not reopen the action for any subsequent player who has already acted on their hand that round.

A player who has already acted and is now facing less than half a bet can fold or call the bet. They may not raise.

An all-in bet of half the bet or more, but still below the full amount, is treated as a full bet and therefore considered a raise for betting purposes. A subsequent player can fold, call or make a full raise and any player, who had already acted prior to the "all in" bet, also has the full range of options open to him.

In no-limit or pot-limit poker, an "all-in" raise that is less than the bet or raise of the previous player does not reopen the action for players who have already acted on their hands. Any raise that is below the amount needed for a legitimate raise will be considered a call for betting purposes. Only players still to act in the round will receive a full set of options.

Any bet must be at least the size of the previous bet or raise in any round unless a player is going "all in".

Playing Multiple Tables

Players may play more than one table at once with a maximum of three tables open at any one time. Any combination of cash or tournament tables may be used.


The show/muck option is designed to give players a chance to show any hand that would not normally be seen. This feature will remain on screen for a few moments to enable a player, who has not checked 'auto muck', to display his hole cards when appropriate. If not used within the time allowed, the cards will be mucked automatically.

Pre-select Options box

A set of pre-select options will appear at times and can be used when so desired. Any option chosen will only be implemented if still available when it is your turn to act; otherwise your new game options will be shown. For example if you agree to a call of $5 then that is the maximum you will have to pay to call. If the call is now more expensive you will be shown a new set of available choices. The pre-select option box is designed to speed up play and save you time, should you wish to act before it is your turn.

Sitting Out

When seated at a table a player has the option to "Sit Out". To do this simply check the "Sit Out" box. Once selected you will continue sitting at the table but will not be dealt in.

You will remain sat out until you un-check the "Sit Out" box. Once un-checked you will be dealt back in.

If you remain in Sit Out mode for longer than 15 minutes you will be removed from the table and returned to the Lobby.

We prevent players from entering and leaving (sitting out) games where the position relative to the dealer can bring advantage by requesting they post the equivalent of the blind (known as a dead blind).

No financial advantage will be gained by missing the rotation of the blind.

Chat Rules

We like to maintain a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for all our players and visitors. Although we cannot be held responsible for any player conduct, we do reserve the right to refuse use of the poker room to anyone who violates our rules and we will act quickly against offenders. The following subjects are strictly prohibited.

  • Threatening or insulting any player, visitor, or employee
  • Using obscene language or profanity
  • Racist remarks
  • Revealing any cards held or passed
  • Discussing any context of a hand in progress
  • Agreeing to check a hand down when a third player is all-in
  • Needlessly slowing down the game
  • Making any statements to induce a player to act in a certain way
  • Speaking any other language than English during a hand
  • Collusion with any other player or cheating via text
  • Bullying a player into leaving the table

Violation of any of the above will result in either a warning, suspension of chat facilities, permanent removal of chat facilities, suspension of playing privileges, or permanent removal of playing privileges.

Disconnection Protection

Disconnection protection is in place to protect players should their Internet connection be lost whilst involved in a pot. In the event that a player is disconnected, they will be able to continue in the hand and contest the amount of the pot that they were financially involved in, up to the point of disconnection.

Disconnection protection is in place for genuine disconnections only. Any player who misuses this protection by intentionally disconnecting, may:

  • forfeit any monies won
  • lose Disconnection Protection privileges
  • face expulsion from the site

Players must accept the risk of disconnections. They can and do occur.


Game etiquette is very important to us in order to ensure a friendly and pleasant playing atmosphere. When playing, you are part of a community and, as in any community; there are certain rules about behavior and general conduct that we'd like players to observe. Any breach of these rules will result in the player being contacted and will carry the risk of suspension or ban from the poker room.

Keep your Chat Polite

Under no circumstances should you use vulgar or profane language whilst using our chat facility, this includes abusing or harassing other players.

Sitting Out

The sit-out function should only be used when wishing to miss a hand or hands for a genuine reason. Players should not abuse this function.

Timely play

We understand that, occasionally, you may require some thinking time when playing. Please however consider the other players and try to make every effort not to slow up the progress of the game. Where possible, use the pre-select option boxes.

Player notes

Get a head start when playing against players you've played with in the past - simply click on the player's name and you'll be able to add a short note for that player; this note will be displayed every time you meet this player in any of the SIA Poker tables and can serve as an invaluable source of information on the player's playing tendencies.

Buddy list

Have you met a player you'd like to play with again? Just mark the player as your buddy by clicking his name tag and check the status of your online buddies whenever you activate SIA Poker in the future.

Real-time game history

SIA Poker allows you to review your recent game history in-real time from within the poker game - your past moves from the recent history, hands, bets, losses, etc are displayed in clear and easy to understand graphical format for quick and simple analysis. Your complete game history can be sent to you upon request from our customer support team.

Real-time transaction history

A real-time, detailed history of all your previous financial transactions, including deposits, cashouts and bonuses, is accessible from within the game software at the click of a button. This standard of transparency and account integrity is unmatched by any other poker site.

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