Does your website use 'cookies' and do I have to accept them?

We use cookies to track who, how and when players use the site in order to deliver relevant regional and personal information. Cookies contain information volunteered by the player.

A cookie placed by Sports Interaction can only be accessed by Sports Interaction and contains information volunteered by the user, such as their name or user identification number for both player protection and risk mitigation purposes.

Sensitive information is encrypted for security purposes and no information is ever shared with third party marketers.

There are two types of cookies:

1. First Party cookies

These are cookies set and used by Sports Interaction only to execute basic site and account functions and improve the customer experience.

There are two types of first party cookies.

  • Session cookies: These are used to allow a user to login to the site. Without them a user session cannot be maintained securely and the site is unusable.
  • Other Cookies: These have an expiration date and are used by Sports Interaction to enable customized site content and user preferences.

2. Third party cookies

These are cookies used by Sports Interaction for compliance, security and site analysis which are set by a few chosen partners. This information is statistical and anonymous. This information is not used for behavioral advertising purposes.

Our security cookies reduce fraud and enable us to run a more efficient and safe site.

For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

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