Why do the lines sometimes go down before the game actually starts?

Game lines are set to go down at the official start time.

All events posted in regards to games played (excluding Futures) are timed out at the official start time. So if a game is scheduled to start at 7:00pm, it will be timed out for 7:00pm and will come down at exactly that time.

Tennis, UFC/Boxing and NASCAR usually change their start times, as they are dependent on matches or fights before them. In the event of NASCAR, they have a television time that gets posted, then they release an official start time an hour or so prior to the race. Our posting usually gets updated to this new time.

If the start of a game ends up being delayed due to a pre-game ceremony, problems with lights, an extra-long singing of the national anthem, etc., this is unfortunately beyond our control and we are not able to manually adjust for all of these cases. Game lines are posted hours and sometimes days in advance, so there’s plenty of time to get your bet in!

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