What is a pre-authorization on a credit card?

A pre-authorization (commonly referred to as a "pre-auth") on credit cards.

A credit card pre-authorization is much like any other charge to a credit card, except instead of actually debiting funds from the cardholder, there is a a temporary "hold" on the funds that lasts for up 5 days while the funds are waiting to be captured by the merchant (ie. Sports Interaction's third party credit card processor). 

Once a credit card has been pre-authorized the cardholder's available credit is reduced to ensure the funds are available once we can successfully capture your funds. However, in some cases, we are not able to capture the payment which means that the charge doesn't actually show up on your credit card statement.  If the funds are not captured, the pre-auth will disappear within 5 business days and your available balance will free up. 

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