Random Number Generator & Casino Graphics

Random Number Generator (RNG) results

SIA Casino and SIA Poker results/hands are determined by a random number generator. This is for our non-live Casino offered games.

For example, take our game of Rock Paper Scissors:

  1. Player selects their move (e.g., rock). 
  2. The system then randomly chooses a number between one and three, each number being assigned to an outcome. Each number is equally likely to be chosen.
    1. one for scissors (player wins),
    2. two for paper (player loses)
    3. or three for rock (a draw, and the player is refunded). 
  3. The system then pays or charges the player accordingly, and the results are recorded in the player’s history. This is accomplished in under one second, and the algorithms used are audited independently on a quarterly basis to ensure fairness and randomness.

Graphic visualization

To make game play more enjoyable, and to add variety, we also add dynamic, interactive graphics.  For example, in the Rock Paper Scissors game, we might see an animated rock crush a pair of scissors, or a smiling piece of paper cover a rock.  Or, in a roulette game, you might see a ball spinning in an animated roulette wheel.  These are simply videos—graphic representations of what’s already happened behind the scenes.

Sometimes, due to end-user connectivity issues, performance issues, or simply due to a glitch, these graphics will not display properly.  They may freeze up, skip frames or scenes, or even completely fail to display.  This is similar to display issues one might encounter when streaming a movie online.

In cases where the display is compromised, the RNG results are still recorded and official.  In other words, the round still “happened”, and the player still had the same chances of winning or losing as usual.  You can find the outcome of any round by going to your history.

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