How does the Interac eTransfer withdrawal method work?

For quicker withdrawals, enable Autodeposit within your online banking (where available). For more information on Autodeposit, click here

Minimum: $10 

Fees:  None

Processing Time: 2-5 business days 


  1. An emailed notification of the e-Transfer will be sent to you at the email address specified on the withdrawal form. Up to 3 reminders will be sent.
  2. An SMS notification with the password to accept the eTransfer will be sent within 24 hours of the email being received, to the mobile phone number specified on the withdrawal form. 

Good to Know:

To receive the password by SMS, customers should ensure they have SMS enabled on their phone via their phone settings, most phones default is set to MMS or just iMessage in iOS. On your mobile device go to Setting then Messaging / SMS.


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