What is MuchBetter and how does it work?

Fund your MuchBetter account using Visa, Mastercard, eTransfer or Bitcoin

MuchBetter is an app-based payment wallet offering instant, safe and convenient payment services - a recognized payment processor in the online gaming industry. It allows you load your MuchBetter account directly from an app on your mobile device to make deposits to your Sports Interaction Account.

What are the deposit limits?

Unverified on MuchBetter until identity is verified:

Max Single Deposit: $80
Max Daily Deposit: $80
Max Monthly Deposit: $330
Max Yearly Deposit: $300

On Sports Interaction:

Minimum: $20
Maximum: $1,000


Day: $5,000
Week: $5,000
Month: $10,000


How can I deposit to MuchBetter?

The following payment methods are offered by MuchBetter. When depositing to Sports Interaction, you should initiate your payment from within our deposit page.

Interac eTransfer: Free but may take one hour to credit your account.
Try this method directly on Sports Interaction instead of MuchBetter

Bitcoin: Free, instantly credits to your account

Credit Card: Fee % based on deposit amount, must be a verified member with MuchBetter.

What is MuchBetter verification?

MuchBetter protects it's customer by verifying your identity during your membership. If prompted, you can upload any document requirements from within the app or by emailing their support. Sports Interaction has no control over their verification process.


What does the process look like?





If depositing by eTransfer, once the funds reach MuchBetter, simply log onto your app to complete the deposit. Please remember that you would have needed to initiate the deposit from Sports Interaction's deposit page.


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