Kingdoms Rise™

Kingdoms Rise™ is a revolutionary series of Casino slots offered at Sports Interaction. The games offer Kingdoms Rise™ Tokens where players can purchase features within the games to enhance their gaming experience. 

Games within the Kingdom

  • Sands of Fury
  • Forbidden Forest
  • Guardians of the Abyss
  • Reign of Ice
  • Captain's Treasure
  • Scorching Clouds
  • Legend of Elvenstone
  • Chasm of Fear
  • Shadow Queen
  • Legion Uprising
  • Battle Beast


Within each slot, you will find links to:



Navigate through the range of games and journeys across the Kingdom.


Offers exciting opportunities to buy unique features. Features are bought using Game Tokens which are won from regular play on any Kingdoms Rise Games, and can be used within any of the Kingdoms Rise Games as well.



Players are rewarded with up to 15 Game Tokens per spin on any of the Kingdom Rise™ games. Tokens can be used to purchase features in the Shop for any game within the suite.  Tokens have no cash value, but can be redeemed in the shop to add a special feature to your spins.


Any spin of any amount can win a jackpot. The higher the bet the greater the chances of hitting! 

  • Epic - Largest of the three jackpots
  • Power Strike - Guaranteed payout (ie, must pay by $----.--)
  • Daily Strike - Payout daily, with countdown timer (ie, must pay by hh:mm)
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