COVID-19 Update

Dear Sports Interaction (SIA) customers,

We’d like to extend our thoughts and best wishes to you and your loved ones at this time.

Governments are advising businesses that provide non-essential services to help in the containment of Covid-19 by asking employees to remain at home. The well-being of our employees is critical and we are determined to do everything we can to minimize the spread of the virus in Canada. For these reasons we are asking our staff to stay at home.

Because you are just as important to us we have been tirelessly working to ensure that you can continue to expect no interruption in our service.

This means that our friendly and helpful customer service team will still be there for you 24/7 if you have any questions or concerns.

The new operational set-up will continue to comply with industry standards for data security and privacy so your personal information will be as safe as ever.

These are challenging times, but we are making every effort to ensure that we are there for you.

In the meantime we hope that you and those near and dear to you come through this health crisis unscathed.

Very best wishes,
Dean Montour
CEO Sports Interaction

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